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PW Online - Perfect World server versions pv 1 3 6, which occupy leading positions in the top 100 mmotop rating. Your attention is given a new pvp server pv x750 with the best concept and addictive gameplay, and the classic perfection of the world project - x30, which will not leave indifferent fans of classic pw. The official website of the pv server is PW Online.

server 1 PWONLINE Classic
Status: Online
Accounts: 52404
Uptime: 3 years and 8 months
server 2 PWONLINE Relax
Status: Online
Accounts: 7761
Uptime: 1 year and 9 months

Dear players, we bring to your attention the best pvp server Perfect World with great online, which you will certainly appreciate. We occupy a leading position in the ranking of the top 100 PW and do not stop there. Our project is constantly developing in the technical component, in terms of improving the concept and implementing various game modifications. We always pay attention to the wishes and suggestions of the players, therefore PWONLINE is popular and always strives forward.

Perfect World - mmorpg game with a long history, which is the embodiment of "Ideal World", conceived by Chinese developers. After all, it is there that you can spend time with maximum comfort and interest, plunging into endless rivalry for a place in the sun, or devoting time to PVE content and other essential elements of the gameplay. The most vivid battles will be presented to you by Relax Perfect World pvp server version 1 3 6 with x750 rates. The easiest start and fastest development, which will soon make it possible to compete with your opponents. There is always a lesson, because on a pw pvp server there is a lot of online and there is always worthy opposition. If you like hardcore, then the best pv classic x30 server is perfect for you, which has preserved the original atmosphere and the original idea of the game. Go through quests, admire the magnificent locations, meet new people and perform feats that other gamers will enthusiastically appreciate. Play for free on Perfect World (PV) 136 pvp servers only on PW ONLINE. You just have to register an account, download the pw client and break into a perfect world filled with vivid impressions.

In the current realities, players become more legible, and when choosing a top PV server, priority is the quality of the platform, the scale of the advertising campaign, high online and the presence of unique advantages. These are the main points that influence decision making. We take into account your wishes, so we offer you the latest Perfect World free servers with 6 races that are waiting for you and your friends on the PW Online project. Innovative protection against cheats and hacker attacks, round-the-clock technical support for players. Full implementation of the game world, no bugs and traffic lights, useful features and many other nice things. Build your own Perfect World in the popular Perfect World online game. Play without donat on the free PV v 1.3.6 server - PWONLINE. Register and start!

Official site of Perfect World PW Online server

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It`s no secret that pw mail ru is the official site of pv in Russia and the CIS, but for many players the standard game content that is still in place is often not enough. The audience requires more and more unique updates, exciting events, events, a different policy administration. The views of gamers are shared, everyone is looking for something most suitable for themselves. That is why there are alternatives, the best of which is the official website of Perfect World Server "pw online". This project has existed for a long time and has already established itself among the audience. Create an account, download the client and plunge into the world of this MMORPG on the off site online pv - pwonline.org